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welcome to my costume diaries.   

Back when I was a tiny person, I seemed to have a lot of movie recreation costumes.  Little did I know that I would try to do one myself when I was older instead of having my mother do it.  I have dressed as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, the Wicked Witch of the East from The Wizard of Oz, and Rose from Titanic.  In October of 2005, I attempted two costumes; the white gown Leia wears in A New Hope and Jedi robes.  I think they turned out ok, but that just got me going. 
I have many interests and I get a little sidetracked with them all.  Take a look at my links page to see more of me.

November 8, 2009 - I am working on moving this website to a new address.  It's moving along at a snail's pace, but it's getting there.  When I get it moved, I will update this site to reflect the move.
April 6.2009 - updated Drusilla.
March 15, 2009 - updated Mal, Wash, Yvaine, Inara - Black and Gold, wishlist.  Added Kaylee and Drusilla.
November 16, 2008 - updated stuff I want.  I've now added a date on that page so I will no longer update here when I update that page.
November 12, 2008 - updated stuff I want, again...it's that time of year.
October 24, 2008 - updated stuff I want, again.
October 4, 2008 - updated stuff I want.
June 5, 2008 - added Inara-black and gold, updated Mal, and updated Yvaine.
May 14, 2008 - updated stuff I want, Mal, archived some news.
April 28, 2008 - updated stuff I want.
April 13, 2008 - updated stuff I want, Mal, and Wash.  Added pages for Tristan and Yvaine.
March 23, 2008 - updated stuff I want.
March 5, 2008 - added pages for two new costumes: Mal and Wash from Firefly.
February 25, 2008 - updated stuff I want.

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This is just a fan site.  I love movie costumes.  I don't mean any disrespect or infringement.  Contact mia at miaviolyns@yahoo.com