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a star gets help from shakespeare

Yvaine, the star in Stardust, gets an outfit from Captain Shakespeare halfway through the film.  After watching the movie several times, I liked the dress more and more.  And, after deciding to make Tristan's linen coat for my husband, I figured I'd make the set. 

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Sunday, March 15, 2009
Progress!  Well, kinda.  I moved down to Texas, so that kinda threw a wrench into my costume plans.  But, I've been thinking some more on it.  I mocked up a corset after my last update.  It ran a little too small (too much reduction), so I have cut out a new mock up.  I don't any boning at this point, but will purchase some when I am happy with the mockup. 
I've also done some looking for the necklace.  I've decided to craft the necklace myself.  I was thinking I could use sculpy or fico and paint it gold around an acrylic stone or something.  I think I could bead an approximate chain.  I've been looking around for a good stone to use.  I actually found an ebay seller that sells cubic zirconia for pretty cheap.  The acrylic stones I've found are good, but usually don't come in the oval shape I'd need. 
I've also been keeping my eye out for appropriate velvet.  That's been more of a challenge.  First of all, I'm not sure which kind of velvet I should be using.  Well, take that back, I know I need non-stretchy velvet.  So, I've been keeping a watch on sales.  We'll see.
Thursday, June 5, 2008

Whoops!  I forgot that I had actually done something for this costume!  I finally caved and bought the corset pattern from TV.  It came in the mail and I already love it, just looking at the pattern.  I went out and bought some white twill.  It looks sturdy enough for a corset, but we'll see.  I wanted to buy some white brocade for it (to make it pretty), but didn't find any washable that would do. 
When I went on my JoAnn's trip on Monday of this week, I looked for some pretty white brocade and found some.  It's a rose motif and definitely washable, so I snapped it up.  (It was even on sale!)  So, I have material for a corset.  Now, I need to get boning, a busk, a grommet setter, grommets, and a cord. 
Sunday, April 13, 2008
I've been thinking about this costume and decided to start my diary.  I'm pretty sure I'm going to be waiting until the summer to really start this particular costume, but I have been doing a tiny bit of research.  So, here's a place to put it. 
Firstly, what pattern to start with?  Well, I'll need some proper underwear.  So, my first corset.  I've got my eye on the Truly Victorian pattern TV110.  I've heard wonderful things about it, so I might just go with that one.  I've bought some nice fabric for it already (just some white sturdy cotton).  The next question is...do I need a bustle?  The back of the dress is a bit raised (as evidenced by this picture).  So, can I just use fabric to do that, or do I need a real, wired bustle?  hmm...  I'll need a good petticoat, but I think that is all I'll need for underwear.
For the top, I have a Simplicity pattern that has the same lines.  (it's the POTO pattern.)  I might just use that and lengthen it a bit.  For the skirt, I'm a little more confused.  I'm looking at this TV202 and seeing some possibilities.  But, I have to put all those pleats in the bottom.  And, the bodice looks like it cascades down the back all the way into a train.  I don't know.  More thinking is needed.  :)

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