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a boy gets help from shakespeare

Tristan Thorne, the hero from Stardust, gets a new outfit and hairdo from Captain Shakespeare about halfway through the film.  The swashbuckling outfit he receives gives him new confidence and fits him better than his old clothes ever did.  The linen coat is my favorite part.  After falling in love with this coat, I've decided to make the Tristan and Yvaine set. 

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Sunday, April 13, 2008
Even though I probably won't start this costume until this summer, I thought I'd start a place for my research.  I fell in love with this costume the first time I saw the movie. 
So, I've been looking at the pictures I have in my photobucket.  I think I've found a frock coat pattern that'll work.  This Laughing Moon pattern is pretty close.  I'd have to change the placement of the buttons and add some detail to the back.  It also has a vest pattern which will help with the vest I need for it anyway.  I'll need a Renaissance shirt pattern, I think.  And the pants are pretty simple.  The boots will be hard to figure out.  I had enough trouble finding boots for Mal.  The belt will be ok.  I think I might want to figure out the lightening holder.  But, I'm not sure about a sword.  I dunno...

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