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mia's costume diaries

kaylee - mechanic

kaywinnit lee frye from serenity

Started June 2008, completed July 2008
Reference Photos

Unfortunately for this costume, I didn't have the time to do a complete set of diaries.  So, I will give a retelling of the making of this costume and give a few finished pictures. 
For the coveralls, I made my own pattern.  I used both a pants pattern and a shirt pattern I had for reference, but really, this is the first costume I've completely mocked up.  The coveralls are literally fitted to me.  The top zipper is curved to fit my shape.  I made small flaps for the snaps.  The quilted shoulders were made separate from the coveralls and overlayed.  I used fleece I had laying around for the batting and some fabric I found that looked similar to the original, but I know wasn't used.  I used that same fabric for the belt.  The knee pads were made as a separate oval shape with a quilted middle.  I edged that with bias tape and sewed them to the fronts of the legs after they were quilted and backed.  Those, I used quilt batting for the pad.  I made sleeves, but cut them close to the arm hole.  I also did not hem the bottom of the pants so they could have a fraying effect.  I washed the entire coveralls 4 times before applying the "embroidery".
For the embroidery on the leg, I simply used acrylic paint.  I didn't have the time to hand-embroider and I don't have a machine to do it for me.  I think the paint turned out just great and I'm very happy with it.  And besides, I like painting.  I free-handed all of it.  I had reference photos from the Propstore to work with.  I did my best with that and ran with it. 
The shirt, I found a fabric that I found Kaylee-esque and used that.  I made a shirt pattern I had lying around.  It is a sheer fabric like the one used in the movie, but it is not the same pattern of fabric.  It's close enough for now, but I will keep my eyes open for the correct fabric.
The shoes.  The shoes are no longer made, so I just bought a pair of black tennis shoes (even though they are red and gray).  I thought about modifying the sneakers, but decided against it.  They work just fine for now.
Belt.  I found a cheap belt at Goodwill.  I had an old purse that I had cut up for another project that would work great for her utility pouch.  I added belt loops on the pouch and a flap for the top.  It's a great place to put trinkets and your ID and looks great, too!  :)
I put my hair up lazily and put some smudges on my face and I was ready to go!  :)
Photos coming soon!

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