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mia's costume diaries

costume adventures part 2

some of my silly costumes

A bear or some other random blue thing with ears.
Made by Mom (I'm sure).
Completed October 1980.  Worn by me for Halloween.

Mia as Bear
Aww, aren't I cute?

Witch and ET from ET: Extra Terrestrial
Made by Mom.
Completed October 1982.  Worn by me (witch) and brother (ET) for Halloween.

Me as Witch, Brother as ET
I look a little overwhelmed.

Me as Witch
The next year. Same costume. I was 3.

Made by Mom.
Completed 1984.  Worn by me for Halloween.

Me as Mouse.
I was 4.

Native American
Made by Mom.
Completed sometime in my elementary school years.  Worn by me for a school assembly.  (I even sang a solo.)

Me as Native American.
I was so stylish.

Daughter in Fiddler on the Roof
Theatre costume
1993 (??).  Worn for a production at the local University.

Me as the 4th Daughter
I can't even remember my name...It was fun, though.

Chorus Member in Pirates of Penzance
Theatre costume.
1996.  Worn at a local community theatre. 
(this picture just shows my hair and how much time went into it.  I had so much fun with that hair!)

Me as Girl
I used two hair extensions on both sides of my head.

Anne Frank in The Diary of Anne Frank
Theatre costume
1997.  Worn by me at my high school.  Good times.

Me as Anne
The guy behind me - that's Brian. I loved some of those costumes.

Leisl in The Sound of Music
Theatre costume.
1999.  Worn by me at a local community theatre.
(I had so many costume changes for this...but this was my first costume of the production) 
(and yes, I was 19 singing "I am 16 going on 17")

Me as Leisl
That was so much fun....3 of the other children were taller than me....I'm so short.

Made by Mom.
This picture: 2002.  Worn by me at my graduating recital from college.
(Hey, it's what I do for money...well, kinda...)

Me and my violin.
la la la

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